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The Course

Empowering women to navigate burnout, Intuition Unleashed is the course designed for high-performing women seeking to heal burnout by tapping into their intuition. Through a blend of self-reflection, practical exercises, and guided meditations, you'll learn to navigate stress, enhance well-being, and make empowered decisions aligned with your authentic self.

The Details

Embark on a transformative journey with 'Intuition Unleashed,' a meticulously crafted four-week online course tailored for high-performing women ready to heal from burnout.

In Week 1, we lay the foundation with 'Introduction to Intuition and Self-Awareness,' guiding you through the powerful connection between mind and intuition. You'll redefine your relationship with intuition, engage in reflective practices, and embark on simple exercises to enhance self-awareness.

Week 2 delves into 'Navigating the Inner Landscape,' exploring the mind-body connection, understanding your nervous system, and incorporating grounding techniques and meditation for enhanced intuition and well-being.

In Week 3, 'Cultivating Intuition in Decision-Making' becomes our focus. Learn the art of intuitive decision-making, identify your unique intuitive signals, and build unshakeable trust in your inner guidance. Discover how intuition and healthy boundaries intertwine for empowered choices.

Finally, in Week 4, 'Integrating Intuition into Daily Life,' we explore how your intuition becomes a compass for burnout prevention and stress management. Engage in intuitive journaling, nurture your intuition through self-care practices, and craft a personalized action plan to seamlessly integrate intuition into your daily life beyond the course.

This course isn't just about healing burnout; it's a holistic journey toward reclaiming balance, joy, and intuitive empowerment in your corporate life. Join us and rediscover the wisdom within, forging a path to a more vibrant, authentic, and resilient you.

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Brynn Streicker

Brynn Streicker is an ex-corporate ladder climber turned Burnout Coach & Intuitive Energy Healer. She spent 15 years working as a Casino Marketing Executive only to fall deeply into burnout. After a 3 year healing journey, she felt compelled to help guide other women liker her, deep in the throws of burn out, heal and rekindle their spark so they can shine at work once again. She is a strong believer that healing doesn't have to hurt and she is here share all that she has learned so you too can thrive.

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